Accelerate Your Silicon Valley Career


Silicon Valley Career Guide


Decide Where To Work

Your choice of companies matters far more than your job title or even your compensation. Learn how to choose well in this chapter. In the process, gain access to our exclusive list 100 Career Launching Technology Companies.   


Don't Be An Offer Collector

Candidates who have been successful tend to focus their job searches. Learn how to focus your efforts and get hired by the best companies. 


Get A Fair Compensation Package

Make sure you get paid fairly. You'll need enough to live on and you'll want to make sure to be compensated within industry norms. Our start-up compensation data and tool can help.


Ask These 12 Questions About Your Stock Options

Stock options are the core of Silicon Valley compensation. Learn how to evaluate your stock option offer with these 12 key questions.


Seek A Mentor

Having a great mentor is almost as important as working at a great company. Learn why a mentor is valuable and how to find a great one. 


Decide How Long To Stay

You may need a few at bats to truly succeed in Silicon Valley. Learn when to move on to your next opportunity and when to stay put.

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  • Video foreword with Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff

Andy Rachleff shares his wisdom on unlocking your full career potential in Silicon Valley.
Learn how to choose great opportunities, negotiate compensation, find a mentor, and more!

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